The countdown to graduation keeps getting smaller and smaller. Two weeks from today I will officially be an Emma Willard graduate/alumna! This weekend was a good weekend to be on campus. It was alumni weekend at Emma, so there were lots of alums back on campus. Some were there for the 5th reunion, whereas others attended their 55th reunion. I had a great time chatting with alums when I worked in the school store yesterday morning and this morning. It’s very clear that they love their former high school and continue to love and miss it. It’s hard to believe that the next time our class will be together after graduation will be our 5th reunion in 2021. By then, we’ll all have graduated from college (God willing). It’ll be very neat to see what everyone is doing (or not doing) with their lives by then!

I also had a chance to do some running off campus! Friday night Nicki and I ran to Stewart’s for ice cream and headed to Prospect Park afterwards. Unlike some of our fellow schoolmates, we didn’t go to the park to smoke or drink; we went to swing on the swings, watch the pick up Ultimate game, slide down the slide, and take in the view of Troy from the top of the hill. We reflected on our friendship over the course of four years and promised each other that we will stay in touch as our lives part in different directions. I don’t think I will ever find another friend like Nicki. She makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, and we have too many inside jokes to count. It’s sad that we won’t be able to share our daily lives together anymore; however, I’m confident we will form new friendships (as we should) in college and beyond, but we’ll always have our friendship to rely on and to revisit.

This afternoon Kate, Nicki, and I ran to Jack’s Drive-In for burgers and fries. I’ve never been to Jack’s before (it’s a local favorite), and it lived up to its reputation. I had one of the juiciest burgers of my life and the most satisfying carton of fries. It’s a close tie with Five Guys! On our way back to campus, some young teenage baseball players yelled at us in the parking lot “What’s your number?” We laughed and said something vague back. We shouldn’t have been surprised when we saw one of them hanging halfway out the car window yelling the same thing as they passed us. That’s something the three of us will be able to laugh about ten years from now. It’s the little things in life…

This past Wednesday was College T-Shirt Day at Emma Willard, a special and highly anticipated tradition on Mt. Ida. Every senior wore a t-shirt with their college name branded across the chest of it. It’s a day we have only dreamed of since we were freshmen–– being able to tell people where you’re going and that you’ve made it. Every senior also claimed a portion of the sidewalk to draw their school’s logo, mascot, or campus with chalk. We took an unlimited amount of pictures and wore our new school apparel with pride. When I look around at my classmates, it’s hard to believe we got to where we are now. Freshman year honestly seems like it was not long ago.

My mom has completed her first week of her new job! She’s settling into her apartment and figuring out the computer program. I’m extremely jealous that she’s a five minute walk away from Price Chopper. That’s unheard of in Sandgate. It’s really nice seeing how happy she is to be doing something new and different. I know she’s also had a passion for home health, and it must be so refreshing to return to something she loves. We FaceTime every night and text throughout the day. It may be harder next year when I’m in Italy, but I know that we will make it work.

Friday was an exciting day for me because my first piece for an online publication was published! I’ve been hired at SOCIETY19, FlockU, the Odyssey, and the Quail Bell Magazine as a contributing writer. SOCIETY19, FlockU, and the Odyssey are all geared towards a college audience which works for me because I am a very soon-to-be collegiate. It’s surreal having my own bio and picture on a popular site. You have to start somewhere.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.40.08 PM

Check out my post here:


Tomorrow my lacrosse team begins our sectionals journey. For some reason, many Emma Willard sports teams tend to become unmotivated for sectionals. But as a senior, I’m hoping that our team will remain focused and concentrated on winning and making it as far as we can in Section II Class C. We’ll take on Hoosick Falls (a local competitor) on our home field.

That’s what’s new! 14 days remaining on Mt. Ida. Saying that I’m going to miss it would certainly be an understatement. xo ~e.



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