It’s Happening!!

Freshman year of college is unofficially/officially underway!! With senior year coming to a close very shortly *sheds tear*, freshman year of college has begun to feel a lot more surreal. Last week I sent in a required signed copy of the Conditions of Participation document for Marist Italy. As a result, earlier this week, I received a link for the pre-departure site. Here I have access to the forms I have to fill out, Visa info, flying arrangements, deadlines, extra information, etc… The craziest part is that our parents did not receive the link, and in the email, it said it’s up to us (students) if we want to share the link with them or not. When I read that line in that email, it hit me. I’m going to be a college student. This is all on me. Flashback to four years ago, and my mom took care of everything I needed before starting my freshman year at boarding school. Four years later, and the roles have switched.

Instead of bothering to do my homework, I’ve had a lot of fun filling out some of my forms in the past couple of days. I had to take an Italy Quiz (it’s embarrassing at how little I know about Italy in general), fill out mental health questionnaires and health forms, do my request for housing, and begin my request for an Italian student visa. I was surprised by how few questions there are for the rooming survey. This is what it looks like:

Lifestyle Questionnaire:

Which description best fits the vision of your ideal room?

  • A place to study and sleep
  • People visiting some of the time
  • Lots of people visiting all the time

Which best describes your living environment?

  • Neat and organized
  • Cluttered and untidy
  • Varies with my schedule

Which description best describes your sleeping pattern?

  • Early Bird
  • Night Owl
  • Depends on my schedule

Which description best fits your preferred sleeping environment?

  • Quiet as possible
  • Background Noise (T.V., radio, fan, etc…)

When is your preferred time to study?

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Night

Which description best fits your preferred student environment?

  • As quiet as possible
  • Background music or other distractions
  • No preference

Do you smoke? (Please note that all apartments are NON-SMOKING)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Occasionally

I can only hope that they match me with a compatible roommate! From most experiences, I know schools do a good job matching roommates. I often find it better to go random than choose your own roommate. I’ve been so spoiled living in my own dorm for three years in a row. It’ll be interesting transitioning to living with other people again! Regardless, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

First round of paperwork is due May 30. I also have to get my visa which is stressful because I don’t turn 18 until July 17, and I have to be 18 in order for the consulate to issue it to me. We’ve made our appointment though; we’re going to Boston! Then before I know it, it’ll be time to start my packing list. I won’t be packing for a one week long vacation this time; I’ll be packing two suitcases for a minimum of four months! It doesn’t quite seem real yet. I don’t think it will until the jet hits the runway in Firenze.

Until then, I’m enjoying being a second semester senior. I’ve caught up on my Netflix shows in bed during study hall, and tonight our team had a tremendous win against Holy Names (8-6). I’m going home this weekend for prom Saturday then I won’t be home until summertime! Very excited for college t-shirt day next week, sectionals in lacrosse, the distribution of yearbooks (fourth and final Emma one), senior retreat, and graduation preparations. In addition, today my geotag I designed on PhotoShop for Emma Willard went live. Very cool to have a social media legacy at my high school.

In conclusion, college is happening. Graduation is happening. Endings and beginnings are happening. Life is happening. And I’m terrified and excited all at the same time. xo ~e.


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