17 Taylor Swift Lyrics I Love

It seems as though there are three outlooks on Taylor Swift & her music:

  • You love her and know the lyrics to every single one of her songs
  • You hate her and hate yourself when you sing along to Shake It Off on the radio
  • You like some of her songs but are still perplexed as to how she’s dated ‘so many guys’

I happen to be an extremely proud Taylor Swift fan. There’s no question she is the icon of my generation. She is the person who’s music I will be singing in the car with my children 15 years from now. She is a role model and one of the most influential women in the world, whether you believe it or not. Plus, her songs have the ability to move you, see the world differently, and say what you haven’t been able to out loud. I was extremely grateful to experience her 1989 World Tour live in Montréal this past summer with my good friend, Brianne. We danced and sang our hearts out, something you would expect of two girls at a T.S. concert, and went out for a glass of Riesling and a slice of chocolate cake afterwards. The night was what you could have expected and more.

I thought I would share 17 of my favorite T.S. lyrics. I hope you can inspiration in them like I have. xo ~e.

  1. “I had the time of my life / Fighting dragons with you” – Long Live

  2. “Cherry lips, crystal skies / I could show you incredible things” – Blank Space

  3. “Maybe we got lost in translation / Maybe I asked for too much /  But maybe this thing was a masterpiece / Till you tore it all up” – All Too Well 

  4. “Rain came pouring down when I was drowning / That’s when I could finally breathe / And by morning / Gone was any trace of you / I think I am finally clean” – Clean

  5. “We found wonderland / You and I got lost in it” – Wonderland

  6. “The rest of the world was black and white / But we were in screaming color”- Out of the Woods

  7. “Darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” – Blank Space

  8. “But the monsters / Turned out to be just trees” – Out of the Woods

  9. “Wasn’t it beautiful / When you believed in everything” – Innocent

  10. “We show off / Our different scarlet letters / Trust me, mine is better” – New Romantics

  11. “Like any true love / It drives you crazy / Like any real love / It’s ever changing” – Welcome to New York

  12. “I can’t say hello to you / And risk another goodbye” – I Almost Do

  13. “The stakes are high / The waters are rough / But this love is ours” – Ours

  14. “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes / You say sorry just for show” – Bad Blood

  15. “But on a Wednesday / In a cafe / I watched it begin again” – Begin Again

  16. “We wait for trains that just aren’t coming” – New Romantics

  17. “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way” – 22

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Photo by Charlie Ma

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