A Sweet, Local Victory

Last Thursday  I played in one of the most memorable sports game of my entire athletic career. My varsity lacrosse team defeated the Hoosick Falls Panthers 10-6. This was an extremely big win for my team because it put us to 2-0 in our conference. It was especially meaningful to me because we beat a local team. I live half an hour away from Hoosick Falls, it’s the town where my mom has worked for 9 years, and I knew two girls on the team (one is a fellow co-worker and the other is a future college classmate–– always reminded by the small world in which we live). That made our win that much sweeter for me. The game was tied 4-4 at the half. I was somewhat frustrated because I knew our team should have been winning. We just missed that extra drive to take control of the game. Fortunately, we dug down and played an amazing second half. We pulled ahead to solidify our win. When the final whistle blew, we all hugged, taking pride in our efforts.

The most exciting part about this game was that Steven Bassin (@SBassin_Banner) from the Bennington Banner tweeted live game updates. I grew up reading the Bennington Banner because I spent the first 6 years of my life in Bennington, and my dad was a reporter for the Banner for several years. In the past few years, sports reporters for the Banner have attended high school games, tweeting details like who scored, who got the assist, etc… It is perfect for me to keep up with my friends from back home. I even have the notifications on, so the tweets show up right on my lock screen. That way I can text my friends, “Hey, nice goal!” or “Heard you guys had a big win!” after their games. It’s exciting to see “@aggieb98 scores her third of the night, giving the Bulldogs a 6-3 lead. Five minutes left to go in the second half”. This popular form of social media allows me to stay in the know about the high school sports at my tiny hometown. No one else outside our tiny bubble in Vermont may care, but I certainly do.

During my freshman year, I struggled at my high school. I wasn’t used to living away from home. As a result, I was extremely homesick. I missed my friends, my dog, and my family. In addition, I missed the sense of comfort and familiarity. Seeing these tweets made me want to be back with my teammates and have my name appear in the Banner and on Twitter. No one from the local papers here do anything for my games like the Banner does for the schools at home. Therefore, I felt like I was missing out. I even debated transferring back home after my first semester. I’m glad I didn’t because I couldn’t be more happy at Emma Willard, and I have had successful high school athletic career–– being tweeted about or not.

My secret dream to be in the Banner and on Steven’s Twitter came true Thursday. I figured that someone might be at our game because the Banner follows Hoosick Falls because it’s a school close to Bennington, even though it’s in New York. I even tweeted Steven the day of our game and asked if he was going. He replied back that he was! I tweeted again at him that two locals would be playing for the Emma Willard Jesters. I became extremely nervous leading up to the game. I felt a unique pressure to win because it would mean so much, being so close to home. My assistant coach asked every player for her personal goal for the game, and mine was to score. I’ve only scored twice in my lacrosse career! During the second half, I accomplished my goal. I found the drive and courage deep inside me and took a defender one on one to cage on my left. Two steps to the right, a few quick ones to the left, and I had an open shot on goal. The ball swiftly struck the top right corner of the goal. I was elated. Scoring is one of the best feelings. It’s sort of like seeing that big, fat A on top of your paper for the first time when your teacher hands it to you. My teammates immediately rushed around me, knowing that I wanted to score so badly and how much this game meant to me.

I saw Steven watching our game, taking photos, and hanging around the table. I checked my phone after the game, and sure enough, there we were! And there I was! It was very exciting. I shrieked, and exclaimed to my teammates “WE MADE IT!” They were excited too. I was even more stoked when I got a text from my dad on Friday that Steven’s story was published in the actual paper–– with photos and everything! During and after this game, I realized that I could accomplish something I didn’t think I could at Emma Willard and that I didn’t need to transfer schools to be recognized by the local paper. I was beyond satisfied & proud of my team. It was a game to remember, a victory to remember, and a tweet to remember. xo ~e.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.07.19 PM

Check out the full article here published online and in the paper itself on April 15, 2016:



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